“Wherever it gets cold, people get interesting.”

– Because in warm places people just go outside to play in the sun and don’t use their brains.

“I want to be the Narwhal”

– It’s a long story, that may one day makes sense if you head on over to www.goodmorningdreamer.com

“Who wants to use the baby forks? Not me. I’m not a baby.”

– When you haven’t done dishes in a while and all the big forks are dirty.

“She grew up on a boat so she had lots of interesting stories to shell.”

– Regarding the funny and fabulous Hannah Pembroke’s performance at LMA’s NIGHT SHIFT improv comedy show.

“I feel like watching something. Or maybe reading. Nah, watching cartoons. Watching cartoons is definitely good for you.”

– Saturday morning with Amy

“Can’t you find a nice tarecaker?”

– We were discussing who would look after our pet goat and donkey when we travelled. If we had a pet goat and donkey.